Poor Punxatawney Phil

The dimwit news anchor noted [what a dim bulb] that Phil looked cold. The upstate news team is seriously remedial.  Yeah. Of course that poor rodent is cold, he was all fat and cozy sleeping, ready (obviously) to sleep the rest of the winter.  Why would Phil EVER say I don’t see my shadow.  He was woken up.  I would say I see a shadow just to spite the idiot humans.  Full disclosure, this is on my bucket list.  The whole Punxatawney for Groundhog’s Day with my closest friend, Neeter, with whom, coincidentally, I spent the day trading (the movie) Groundhog’s Day quotes!  Because FUN!

Some things this week sort of haphazard,

Guilderland Public Schools have a kickass Music department and fundraising gang.  The annual fundraiser at the school was fabulously organized and the talent, well, stupefying.   Not that there’s anything wrong with this, and we are in the states, but the full weight being a minority again weighed down on me.  This is a very WHITE area,  I forgot what it felt like to be the ones assimilated.  In Bombay, I was part of the Borg.

I’m so glad the Eagles won.  My poor, long suffering brother, his picks never win, and the only reason I cared about this superbowl was because of this.

Justin Timberlake is a trash human being. He could have lit sparklers flatulence and I would remain unimpressed.  In this day and age of #metoo, it’s tragic to see such a shithole get center stage.


There are two spaces after each full stop. I, for the life of me, find this single space nonsense has not set me free.  It has shackled me to the paragraph.  See?  Double spacing is instinctual now…*sigh*

I hate being an old sometimes.





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