Winter hike in the Pine bush.

The sky is particularly blue on the days you ought to listen to the forecast or check the outside temperature/wind chill factor; or put your nose against the door to the deck (that’s my go to). For you see, as most of those who have lived here for any extended period know, and those of us just “foreign returned” must relearn is, the days that look like you can go galivant with the grass twixt your toes are going to be the most mercilessly cold. Not today though, today it’s going to be a balmy 50°F, And though I would have loved to break out of the sweats and layers rut, I have to remember, this is still colder than the coldest early morning walk, on the coldest Bombay winter ever. So, like it was prior to the rain begins in India, I wait. Look up into the deep blue. And talk to random strangers about when the warming will begin.

This is laughable of course. It’s just the end of January. The cold weather lasts an entire lifetime between now and when it will really start feeling warm, probably until May. Winter doesn’t pay attention to human equinox BS….so what if the vernal equinox has come and gone? I gots more snow for you. But not this weekend. This weekend is near Spring.

I took a quick hike behind our condo yesterday, having happened upon the trails there while looking for a lost drone (the husbands). The drone has been swallowed up by the wood, but the trail was freaking glorious. The red trail is beautiful and flat. The invasive trees towards the interior of the Dunes have been felled to make room for the indigenous flora and fauna, and the local Pines rise high and strong in the sky. I bopped along to the pep of Maroon 5 as I made my way and arrived home, after a well posed selfie just twenty minutes later. I can’t wait to see this trail during the spring.


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