The time I was told by a man that I was a bad influence.

So there’s this coterie of friends I have, and they tend to reflect the mood I’m in.  The ones who know me fully and deeply, know the intuitive asshole and selfish jerk I can be hover around two.  That’s right, I have two close friends, and I have known them both more than 20 years each.  There was once a third horse in the race, I know I shouldn’t refer to my friends as animals, but really…. Yeah so the third horse told me a month and a half ago, rather abruptly that I was a bad influence on him and that he couldn’t hang out with me anymore.

He sent me this lovely missive over text.




He is over 30.


Then again, he (or so I thought) was going to shaft me over thanksgiving dinner.

He didn’t.


But I don’t know.  Can one consider a person that close if they are constantly wary of you and your saturnine influence?


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Relentlessly punctual, hedonist denim-head. Inked, vain, lover of shoes, clothes, and handbags, but mostly lost causes.

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