[un]spoken word[s]

It’s not love; not  like the one your daughter and her friends discuss over honey nut cheerios.  It’s a bunch nonsense made up to sell diamonds or something.  It’s not but  product of hormones, serotonin and oxytocin, mostly ” I still don’t mind the look of you”   These together are  known as what induces feelings of love and being loved.  So the Hindus were right eh?  Maya is an illusion!

Now, of course I have felt these both, I have been in serotonin and in oxytocin many times.  One time I trekked to Bandra (way back when I thought it far) because my friend Ruchita had assured me they had “great” avocados and at that time I was in oxytocin with them (by the way the avocados were terrible).

Or my other girl squad member (just trying that out for size) claimed she loved cheesecake and brought over this gelatinous hot mess that she then claimed she loved because it was “light”.  It’s CHEESE CAKE, why would anyone attempt such a calamity? Avocados and good cheese cake are lacking India.  But I’m not much of a dessert person, so probably not the best person to give feedback.

Yeah, so Bandra isn’t that far to go, but Khar! OMG Khar feels like a gazillion miles away which is why I shocked myself by going to the Khar Antisocial’s  presentation of a spoken-word-athon called Kahaania, I wasn’t fooled, this was more like dating someone who has similar interests.  I was very annoyed that all the performers were male comedians.  Unfunny comedians who stuck to safe topics because, doodh walla ki bakri ko khaane waley kya kahenge type of situation.

The routine peppered with attempts to sound more cosmopolitan?  Smarter, hipper, cooler…and when the audience sees that yearning, they ma ver well, know it’s there but when they see it.  All over.  In this way, the best part was arriving, sitting down and leaving.    With nary a look back I booked it out of there after four performances.  The long ride home I thought about the unique importance of words   The beauty in which  the cadence and pitch with which you use them changes the meaning.   I was sad mostly, but that’s because I’m the queen of gloom and doom.  I ought to know, I had my own mix tape.

I have found,  like most people know.  Like most people who wield  these words as weapons.  All it takes is a small graze, unintended wound left to fester and all of a clinical desire to see reaction to dissect the shape and size of wound, forever poking and prodding  the healthy skin that finally will also come off along with the rest of  te rotten carcass.

Things break people.  People break people  too..


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Relentlessly punctual, hedonist denim-head. Inked, vain, lover of shoes, clothes, and handbags, but mostly lost causes.

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